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Advanced Topics

Moving ADS

Expanding/Shrinking ADS (sparse)

Settings export/import

The A2 offers a convienent way to export and import your schedules and configuration (read: not data or licensing). The can be helpful if you ever wish to quickly duplicate an A2's configuration. This option can be found in the A2 console, under Advanced options, "Perform Settings Import/Export". When complete, this produces a file called "a2_settings.exp" in your A2's ADS share (//<your A2 IP//ads)

This file can be copied to the same path on any other A2, and a settings Import can be run, which will import all the settings and schedules from the file. Please note: GFS schedules are not included in the import/export process at this time.

A2 Management

The A2 is a Linux bases system, and as such requires very little management of its own. However, if you wish to, you may access your A2's console via SSH.

The A2 also offers an "ads" share via CIFS, which can be used to review job logs, and other details of operation.

SSH and SMB (CIFS) access

Your A2 appliance can be remotely administered using SSH. Use the "alike" username as the login. The default password is "alike". A text administration menu will appear as soon as you log in. We recommend changing this password. You can do so by selecting option 6 from the console and then selecting option 1. Changing this password will also affect your Web login.

You can also access certain A2 features over a Windows share (CIFS). See Restore for more details on using the restoreFS. The A2 also provides an "ADS" share, which has additional logs that support may request.

Web UI access

Most routine A2 management and usage is done through the A2 Web UI, available at port 80 of your A2's IP. Use the "alike" logon with the password you set above to log in.


The console menu will let you know when a software update is available for the A2. If you wish to update, simply choose option 5 from the console menu. Note this will require a restart and will cancel active jobs.

Data Store Import

If you wish to import data from an old Alike 4 software version of Alike, the A2 furnishes a tool to do so. Setting and schedules will NOT be imported.

  1. Upgrade your Alike 4.x install to version 4.6.3 build 7642 or later.
  2. Stop the Alike services.
  3. Open a DOS prompt.
  4. CD into your Alike installation directory.
  5. type BackupScheduler.exe -e to prepare your existing Alike Data Store for export.
  6. This will take a while. It will create an export directory in your ADS's "validate" subdirectory.
  7. Log into the A2 console.
  8. Ensure you have an ADS created within your A2.
  9. Ensure services are running and data engine is "green".
  10. Select 4 for command-prompt.
  11. Type "importer" at the prompt.
  12. Follow its instructions by entering your legacy ADS path and credentials.