Alike A3/V7 Documentation


The Alike Appliance (A3) is a purpose-built backup and DR solution which can be run as a VM or Docker image on any major hypervisor or container. Before installing your A3, have a quick look over its requirements, deployment options, and supported platforms.

After that, please proceed to Download and Install!

Minimum System Requirements (A3)
16GB System disk
Backup Storage for data--SMB/CIFS, NFS, cloud storage, or custom
Internet Access to

Additional RAM can help with larger load/environments.

See Backend Tuning for more information on scaling.

Your A3 Can Be Deployed To

The A3 is most commonly deployed as a VM, but it can also be deployed as a Docker container.

Deploy your A3 as a Virtual Machine on the following platforms:
- Citrix XenServer 7.5 - 8.2 CU1
- XCP-ng
- Microsoft Hyper-V 2012R2 - 2022
The A3 has been tested as a docker container on the following platforms:
- Alpine 3.15.5 (A3 Docker reference implementation)

Other Docker platforms may work. Please see our Docker Customization section to learn more.

Your A3 Can Protect

Your A3 protects Hyper-V, Xen, and Windows Physical machines. Xen includes the two major Xen families, Citrix Hypervisor and XCP-ng. If your hypervisor is supported by your vendor, it's supported by us.

Supported Hypervisors for protection
- Citrix XenServer 7.5 - 8.2 CU1
- XCP-ng
- Microsoft Hyper-V 2012R2-2022
Supported Physical (Standalone Machine) OSs for protection
- Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2-2022
- Microsoft Windows 10 - 11

Note that A3 Physical Backups protect your physical machine at the OS level by protecting its volumes. Your A3 cannot restore a physical backup to physical hardware directly, and some restore paths may not be available, depending on disk layout, boot configuration, etc.