Firewall Exceptions for A3 Traffic

Problem: Your A3 is behind a firewall and cannot reach your hypervisor environments without exceptions.

Solution: Open the following ports on your firewall device.

NFS TCP and UDP 111/2049: (From each Xen host to the A3 IP, required for the A3 SR)

SSH TCP 22: client SSH to A3 host

CIFS TCP 445: ABD connection and restoreFS (from ABD IPs to the A3 IP)

XAPI TCP 80/443: for the Xen connection and Web (from the A3 to all Xen hosts, and any * web services)

A3D TCP 2811: for A3 backup data (from ABD IPs to the A3 IP)

A3A TCP 8789: A3 Windows agent (from the A3 IP to each guest/agent)

A3S UDP 13333: Quadric Remote support (outbound from the A3 to the internet)

You'll also need to ensure your A3 has functioning DNS services to reach the internet and Quadric's cloud services.