Upgrading from A2 to A3

Problem: You are running an A2 and wish to upgrade it to the A3

Solution: After obtaining an A3 subscription, shut down your A2 and point your A3 at its ADS

The A3 is compatible with A2 data stores, so in most cases, once you have an A3 subscription, the process is pretty simple.

  1. Shut down your A2
  2. Download the A3
  3. Import it into Xen
  4. Configure its networking
  5. Configure its data stores, reusing your existing A2 data stores

NB: Using local disk for data stores is not recommended for production use. If you are using a local disk for your ADS, please follow this KB first:


For more information on the A3, please see:

A3 Quick Start Guide

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A3 Overview for Existing Customers