Full Restore Takes Too Long

Problem: You have started a full restore to Xen or Hyper-V, but the job is taking longer than expected.

Solution: Use another restore approach that is faster.

A3 full restore jobs work by copying your virtual disk data to your production disk. On Xen, these are called SRs. While this process is optimized to make the best possible use of you environment's resources, simple physics suggests that copying very large amounts of data is going to take a long time.

If this process is taking longer than you expected, consider using Instant Restore instead. Instant Restore can typically get a VM up and running in under 30 seconds from the time the job is begun. After the Instant Restore is complete and your VM is recovered, you should prioritize migrating it off the internal Alike SR to a production SR.

For more information on Instant Restore, please see the admin guide here.