Lost Connection to A3

Problem: You receive the pop-up message "Lost Connection to A3" and "Failed to connect your A3 Webservice".

Solution: Check networking on the A3 host

Solution2: Check engine health of the A3 services, in particular the engine log

The message above has two common root causes. The first is networking. You can verify that networking is the issue by attempting to ping the A3 and/or logging into the A3 host and pinging out from there.

The second cause is that the A3 services are stopping due to a serious error. You should check your engine.log under /home/alike/logs/engine.log for common errors. For example, the error below indicates a permission problem with your ADS, likely due to NFS configuration issues:


6 Nov 10 09:05:59 blockvaulter[354] Found no abandoned transactions older than 30 minutes to delete

6 Nov 10 09:05:59 blockvaulter[354] Rebuild will process 0 vaulted, 0 abandoned, and 0 deleted vaults

6 Nov 10 09:05:59 blockvaulter[354] Sync established for site 0. Serializing sync state.

3 Nov 10 09:05:59 blockvaulter[354] Unable to sync datastore 0. It will not be available. #012quadric.blockvaulter.CloudException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /mnt/ads/ods.type1.tmp (Permission denied)#012#011at quadric.spdb.SimpleAdapter.putBlock(SimpleAdapter.java:120)#012#011at quadric.spdb.FsAdapter.putBlock(FsAdapter.java:111)#012#011at quadric.blockvaulter.BandwidthCloudAdapter.putBlock(BandwidthCloudAdapter.java:42)....

Note the red 3 highlighted above indicates an error message (4 indicates warning, while 5 and 6 are informational messages). Finding lines that start with 3 is a good way of isolating engine issues.