Q-Hybrid Job Stall Detected

Problem: Your Q-Hybrid backup job starts successfully, but after 30 minutes fails with the error: Detected stalled I/O, timeout reached (30 mins). Issuing cancellation request to Q-Hybrid Agent.

Solution 1: Check the IP setting of your A3 docker container in Tools->Settings->Network

Solution 2: Check antivirus on the Windows machine

If your Q-Hybrid job stalls on the first disk/partition and then eventually fails with the error above, it means that while your A3 can communicate with this Windows machine correctly, the Windows machine is unable to communicate back. Specifically, your A3 listens on port 2811 for backup data sent to it. If the Windows agent cannot send data to this IP/port, this will be the likely result:

The most likely root cause is that your A3 IP address changed recently, and you need to update it under Tools->Settings->Network. Your A3 docker container does not "know" its IP address automatically, and if you changed it (or your DHCP lease changed), then this setting must be manually updated.

After changing this setting, you must log into the A3 console and select option 3 to stop Alike services, then select option 3 again to restart them. If you are not using the A3 VM, use docker up/down from your Docker host directly.

Once you've completed the steps above, re-run the job. If it continues to fail, check antivirus on the Windows machine. It's possible that antivirus (or Windows Firewall) prevents outgoing data to the A3 server on port 2811. Double-check that this outgoing port is open and routable.