A2 ISO Installer options

The A2 (Alike Appliance) is installed using a standard bootable ISO, which runs the setup and installation process. Please note, the ISO Installer program will completely overwrite whatever disk it is given during the installation process.

ISO Installer requirements:

  • 8 GB (or larger) local disk for installation
  • 512MB Memory
  • Internet connectivity (to download installer image)

Known Issues

  • The ISO image will not boot on as Gen2 VM in Hyper-V (The A2 can run as a Gen2 VM, but it must be changed after the install is complete)

By default, the ISO Installer uses DHCP to acquire it's IP/DNS settings. If DHCP is not available, you can configure a static IP with the following steps:

  1. Boot your system with the ISO Installer
  2. When prompted, run the command: set_static.sh on the command line, and enter your IP information
  3. When complete, re-run the installer with the following command: a2_bootstrap.sh
  4. Follow the remainder of the installation as usual

Advanced Options

By default, the ISO Installer will download the A2 image file from the Quadric Webservers. However, the ISO installer allows you to select an alternate path, so you can download the A2 raw image file to your own webserver location, and enter it when the ISO asks for a "custom image path". The latest A2 raw image can be downloaded directly here: