Getting Technical Support


Quadric technical support is available during business hours (EST) to provide technical assistance for the Alike software, and A2 appliance,including answering technical questions, clarifying the meaning of Alike messages, recommending Alike best practices, and addressing Alike software issues.

Support is available for trial users and customers with an active support and maintenance contract.

For licensing, sales inquiries, maintenance questions, and all other issues, please visit us on Web chat or contact our sales team.

Opening a Ticket

There are 2 simple options for opening a ticket with the Quadric Support team.

  1. Login to your Quadric Portal account, and click on "Create New Ticket".
  2. Open a ticket directly from the Alike UI (under Help->Get Tech Support)

Please note: You must have a valid/active maintenance subscription to access Quadric Technical support. 30 day trial users have full access to our support services.