A2 Settings Export/Import process

The A2 has a feature that allows you to export all of your schedules and settings to a file which can be imported back to that, or any other A2. This can be a big time saver, especially if you are configuring many A2s for customers or multiple locations. Additionally, it allows you to save a "backup" of your settings/config which could be re-imported if anything were ever to go wrong.

There are 2 steps to this process, the export and the import, outlined below. Also more information is outlined in our Admin Guide here

Export from the source A2

From the A2 console menu: Choose Advanced Options->A2 System Options->Perform A2 Settings Import or Export->Export config to file. This will export a file (a2_settings.exp) to the root of your A2's "ADS" share. You can access this from CIFS: \\<your a2 ip>\ads\a2_settings.exp

The a2_settings.exp file can be copied locally and used to import your configuration to the original, or any other A2.

Import to the destination A2

Copy the "a2_settings.exp" file from the previous step to the root of the destination A2's CIFS share: \\<your a2 ip>\ads\

Then, from the A2 console menu, choose Advanced Options->A2 System Options->Perform A2 Settings Import or Export->Import config to file. This will import the A2 settings from the configuration file that you copied to the ADS share.

Please note: The above process should import all of your schedules and configuration, but may require you to reactivate your licenses. I f that is the case, you may be able to reset them from our Customer Portal. However you can also simply contact our Customer Service Team at info@quadricsoftware.com (ahead of time if it is planned), and they can prepare your license keys for re-use.