A2 UI DB Repair

Please follow these steps if instructed to do so by Quadric Software support.

Before you begin:

Stop the A2 services and POWER OFF the A2 completely. 

Your "nimbusdb.db" should be in your ADS directory under the "prodDBs" subdirectory. 

We will need to fix this database. 

Download it to a local directory and perform the following steps:

1) Download sqlite3.exe from our website here: http://www.quadricsoftware.com/support/tools/sqlite3.exe

2) Copy sqlite3.exe to c:\temp directory

3) Open a cmd prompt in the c:\temp directory, and type:

sqlite3 nimbusdb.db

4) When prompted type (including semi-colon):

pragma integrity_check;

5) If the command returns any other result besides "ok", the database is damaged.

SECOND STEP: repair affected database

5.) Open the database:

sqlite3.exe nimbusdb.db

6.) Set output (note: double slashes needed):

.output c:\\temp\\out.sql

7.) Dump, then exit:



8.) Open new database:

sqlite3.exe newnimbusdb.db

9.) Recreate it and then exit (note: double slashes needed):

.read c:\\temp\\out.sql


10.) Rename index.db to OLD_nimbusdb.db

11.) Rename newnimbusdb.db to nimbusdb.db

12.) Copy the file back to its original location in the prodDBs subdir

13.) Boot the A2

IMPORTANT: If the nimbusdb.db database is valid and does not need repair, you need to repeat the steps above for the nimbusjobs.db