Configuring Google Cloud Storage for Offsite Vaulting

Setup GCS for Offsite Storage

The A2 can support many cloud storage providers that provide Amazon S3 compatibility, including Google's Cloud Platform.

To setup GCS for your A2's Offsite Vault is simple, but you do need to enable the S3 "Interoperability" option in your Google Cloud Platform Console.

1. Login to your Google Cloud Platform Console

2. Pick your Google Project

3. Navigate to Storage->Settings

4. Go to the "Interoperability" tab, and create new Interoperable storage access keys

This will provide you with the following keys that you can use for your A2's setup:

Access Key

Secret Key

Bucket Name

Configure Offsite Storage for the A2

Then, on your A2's console, configure your Offsite datastore (ODS) using "S3 Compatible Storage". Using an SSH client (like putty) can make some of the copy/paste steps a bit easier.

1. From the main menu, choose "Configure Backup Storage"

2. Then choose "Configure Offsite Vault Storage (ODS)"

3. Select New Vault

4. Then choose Amazon S3 (or compatible)

5. Enter your Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket from the steps above

6. Select "Add Custom Region", and enter

7. Save, and complete the setup

Once that setup complete, the A2 will need to create the ODS file structure, which can take a few minutes. After that is done, you can start sending vaults to your GCS based ODS.

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