Grow your A2 system and DB drives

The A2 appliance uses it's system drive for many temporary files and operations, which in larger or busy environments, may require you to provide more local storage. Likewise, the A2 uses a dedicated portion of your A2's memory as a ram disk for certain database operations, which also may need to grow depending your environment. To review your current A2's size and usage, you can refer to the Alike UI's dashboard:

Changing the A2 System drive/partition

This is a fairly simple process, just follow the steps below.

  1. Power off your A2 appliance, and grow the drive to the desired size (eg. 24GB)
  2. Power on the A2 and wait until the console menu loads
  3. Choose "6) Advanced options"
  4. Choose "4) A2 System options"
  5. Choose "3) Grow A2 System partition/filesystem"

Your A2's local drive should now have grown to the full size of the disk provided.

Changing your A2's DB RamDisk size

By default, the A2 will dynamically select the DB RamDisk size based on the total amount of memory assigned to your A2. To override this and specify a size, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose "6) Advanced options"
  2. Choose "4) A2 System options"
  3. Choose "5) Specify RamDisk size for databases"
  4. Specify your desired size in MB
  5. Reboot the A2 for settings to take effect