How to offline patch the A2

A2 Offline Update Steps

Normally, the A2 will connect to Quadric's webservers directly to download any software/system updates. However, for networks where the A2 cannot directly reach the Internet, you can follow the procedure below to apply patches as needed.

To update your A2, first determine the build number of the patch you wish to apply, we will use 7941 for this example. Then, follow these steps:

1. Download the desired build from the Quadric Servers:[BUILDNUMBER].7z 


2. Place the patch archive file on a web server, accessible by the A2.

3. From the A2's console menu, choose "Command Prompt" (currently option 4)

4. Run the following command from the command line. Be aware that all jobs will be canceled, and the A2 will reboot during this process.

In this example, the local web server containing the A2 patch is IP "". The patch can be placed at any path on the webserver.

getUpdate 7941

5. Follow the prompts of the installer, and reboot when complete.