Manual Backup Version Retention

The A2 includes command-line tooling for bulk-deleting backups. This tool can come in handy when you need to delete many backups at once.

This tool can be run from the A2 shell. You can access the shell from the A2 console by selecting option 4.

The command is case-sensitive, so type carefully, or use an SSH client that supports cut-and-paste.

/usr/local/sbin/enforceRetain siteId uuid retainNum

"siteId" is 0 for onsite, and 1 for offsite.

"retainNum" indicates the number of versions you wish to retain, from newest, meaning it will delete all "extra" older versions. UUID is the Xen uuid of the VM you wish to clean up. You can get the UUID from the Alike Web UI.


enforceRetain 1 <the VM's uuid> 5

this will retain only 5 latest versions offsite for the VM uuid you specify offsite.


enforceRetain 0 <the VM's uuid> 10

will retain only the 10 latest versions onsite for the VM specified.