NoHCL0 ABD support

If you are told by support that your Xen environment cannot support the Quadric Software ABD due to a bug in your XenServer release, please apply these steps to deploy a specialized version of the ABD that has no console (no "HC0").

  1. Download the special ABD template from
  2. Open a SCP (e.g. WinSCP) session to your A2, logging as "alike"
  3. Navigate to /home/alike/Alike/ext
  4. copy the .gz file downloaded above to this area
  5. Log into your A2 console (via SSH or console) and use option 4 to drop to shell
  6. cd /home/alike/Alike/ext
  7. mv 12.1.7620.dat OLDIMAGE.old
  8. gunzip agent_nohc0_a2_61.dat.gz
  9. mv agent_nohc0_a2_61.dat 12.1.7620.dat

Next, redeploy your ABDs and retest with ABD diagnostic jobs.