A2 Release Notes 6.1 #8213

Alike v6.1 build 8213

Released: 5/16/2019

A stabilization update. All A2 customers are encouraged to upgrade to this build.

Please note-

A cache rebuild may occur after this update. During this rebuild process, some/all backups may not show up in the UI. They are not lost, and will appear again once the rebuild is completed. The rebuild progress can be view on the Dashboard (a force refresh of your browser may be necessary).

Features and Improvements

  • Block healing can detect and heal damaged or missing blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with individual drive selection and out of order drives
  • Fixes issue in Hyper-V custom VHD paths for restore and replication
  • Fixes issue where the A2 will initiate an cache DB rebuild when not necessary
  • Resolves issue where backups are not shown properly during a rebuild
  • Web UI will now correctly show any new JavaScript after an A2 upgrade without a browser recycle
  • Fixes issue with XenServer tag-based jobs failing to include all matched VMs
  • Fixes regression where "vault now" context menu option does not work in 8181
  • Resolves rare infinite loop when ABD boot experiences XAPI errors
  • Resolves Q-Hybrid replication issue with "no 0.hcl"
  • Fixes Hyper-V "invalid DateTime" error in certain locales
  • Helps NFS mount permissions on affected environments
  • Improved error reporting for certain "munge" exceptions in backup jobs
  • Resolves contention issue in A2 scheduler and dbSyncer
  • Fixes problem in A2 console menu with "get update" progress display
  • Fixes rare Xen CBT stall issue

Known Issues

  • SSL authentication to XenServer option does not work
  • "alike" user for RestoreFS does not always change password properly
  • Drive order is not always correct in Job scheduling window (although the tooltip does properly show the disk's order)
  • Q-Hybrid Replication can fail with missing repCache (hcl) files
  • Hyper-V custom path for VHD/x files in replicate and restore jobs is not preserved
  • LVM file-level restore not supported for RestoreFS (full restores are supported)
  • Deleting an entire VM from the UI will remove it to be lost from any configured jobs
  • Dashboard graph empty on first day after initial install and setup