A2 Release Notes 6.2 #8337

Alike v6.2 build 8337

Released: 11/6/2019

A minor stabilization update. All A2 customers are encouraged to upgrade to this build.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where ABD (Enhanced) Xen backups incorrectly process disks whose sizes are not divisible by the Alike system block size
  • Makes the restoreFS correctly present its permissions as read-only
  • CBT jobs will now automatically re-baseline whenever the Alike system block size changes

Known Issues

  • SSL authentication to XenServer option does not work
  • "alike" user for RestoreFS does not always change password properly
  • LVM file-level restore not supported for RestoreFS (full restores are supported)
  • Deleting an entire VM from the UI will remove it to be lost from any configured jobs
  • Dashboard graph empty on first day after initial install and setup