A2 Release Notes #7823

Alike v6.0.0

Released: 10/30/2018

A small stabilization patch for the A2

Bug Fixes

  • Static IP configuration should now work under all circumstances
  • Manually entered DNS will not be overwritten by DHCP settings
  • IP configuration works for additional NICs
  • CIFS domain-based authentication is now handled properly for ADS/ODS setup
  • Changing "Agent" SMB password now works properly
  • Alike Free Edition no longer (mistakenly) nags about no licenses found
  • Logged out users can no longer poke around the UI
  • Job log entries are now recorded in the A2 main logs

Known Issues

  • Importing of Alike v4 Offsite Vaults is not supported yet
  • RestoreFS delays when browsing via Windows Explorer (can require a "refresh" to see partition lists)
  • ADS/ODS can report the available space incorrectly for local/unencapsulated stores
  • Intermittent "Unable to read data from the transport connection" from XenAPI on older XenServer versions
  • Vaulting bandwidth controls not yet available
  • LVM file-level restore not supported for RestoreFS (full restores are supported)
  • Error reporting during "full restore" jobs is limited/unhelpful
  • Deleting an entire VM from the UI will remove it to be lost from any configured jobs
  • GFS retention policies can be configured but do not apply, default retention always used instead
  • Revert (overwrite) restores not avaiable
  • Changing agent password in console menu changes "alike" user instead
  • Automated emails don't always work from the A2
  • Alike Free users get a "No License" warning on login (harmless)
  • Setting a static IP on the A2 can result in console errors