ABD IP conflict

If you run a backup of a Xen VM using the ABD method, and your ABD is assigned an IP that was already assigned to another ABD, an IP conflict will result, and the backup job will fail.

While unusual, this situation can arise when:

  • You are using static IP assignments for your ABDs
  • You have many jobs that all need to create ABDs at similar times
  • Not enough ABDs are already provisioned to meet the need of all your jobs

There are other situations that can cause this, but the above is the most common. The remedy is simple:

  1. Enable "view hidden objects" in XenCenter. Power off and delete all ABDs on the affected host. DO NOT DELETE templates.
  2. Wait for all jobs to complete. DO NOT continue while any jobs are active.
  3. Reboot your A2.
  4. Navigate to the "Manage ABDs" page. Run ABD diagnostic jobs to provision ABDs for each of your pools.