Alike Backup support for Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1

Citrix has removed support for PV (paravirutalized) guests as of their Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 release. You can read all of the depreciations and changes here:

Citrix 8.2 Deprecation Notes (release notes)

PV was a technology that allowed guests efficient access to the hypervisor's hardware resources, and has been used by our ABD helper VMs due to its extreme efficiency and ability to greatly reduce boot times for guests. Unfortunately, as of CH 8.2 CU1, PV guests are no longer able to function which causes Alike's ABDs to be unbootable. This change breaks the backup, replication, and restore functionality for Alike Standard and Alike DR builds prior to 8570.

At this time we have prepared a private release that provides a workaround to this issue.

If you are in need of this update, please open a ticket with our support team for immediate assistance.

Otherwise, we will be rolling out this update in the near future for all customers.