Dashboard Approx. Stored is Innacurate

The A2 dashboard furnishes several numbers at the top regarding your ADS storage:

  1. Virtual Protected: The total amount of virtual data protected on this A2, pre-deduplication and compression
  2. Approx. Stored: An approximation of data allocated on disk, post-deduplication and compression
  3. Global Dedup: The approximate storage savings you are benefiting from with the A2's deduplication technology

The second number, Approx. Stored, does not directly query your underlying storage for this number. That's because some ADS storages are configured on shares that also host other items, making such a number wrong. Instead, the A2 estimates your storage based on average compression ratios over time.

You can check this number by logging into the A2 console (option 4) and typing

df -h

this will display a report from each disk or mounted device to your A2 and the amount of storage consumed.

If this number deviates highly from the number in the dashboard, there is a simple intervention available in builds >8546. Run the following commands only when no jobs are running and the A2 is idle:


/usr/local/sbin/dsUsageTune 0


This command may take some time to run, depending on your share configuration and hardware. Typically, it should complete in under a minute or so, but in some cases, a summation of disk consumption could take a few hours.

After it completes, your dashboard will have significantly more accuracy, now and going forward.