Troubleshooting Storage Issues

Many common storage issues aren't shown directly in the Alike WebUI, but can still lead to job errors and failures. You can check for storage issues by looking in the Alike System Log, under Tools->System Logs->(Logfile: dropdown list)->System Log. But this log rolls fairly aggressively, so the best way to check for all issues since last boot is dmesg.

You can look at dmesg from the A2 console by selecting option 4 to drop to shell.

Then type

dmesg -T

to show all messages. If you want to scroll, you can type

dmesg -T |less

Look for errors related to NFS or CIFS. These could indicate problems with your storage connection. Before opening a support case, it's always best to check for these, as support will likely first ask you to correct any storage-level issues before anything else.