A3 Release Notes 7.1 build 9167

Alike v7.1.0 build 9167

Released: 5/4/2023

This is a major release. All users are encouraged to update.

Please Note

  • Q-Hybrid, Physical, and Hyper-V agents must be reinstalled. Use this link to for the latest agent binary.
  • Users should check replication jobs carefully after upgrade. Major changes to all replication pathways have been made
  • CBT jobs will likely need to rebaseline after you upgrade. Prepare for longer-than-usual backup times for the first backup after upgrade
  • Alike will no longer protect unhomed Xen VMs unless the entire pool is licensed. To protect a VM that's powered off, simply home it to a licensed host

Major Changes

  • Refactors ALL backup and replication code paths, eliminating legacy code and modernizing core component technology
  • Resolves all active issues with Hyper-V Backup
  • Streamlines and improves Xen CBT codepath, making it more scalable and eliminating need for temporary disk
  • Introduces new approach to ABD and Q-Hybrid replication (non-CBT) that leverages proven Quadric backup pathway
  • Improves support of Linux filesysystems in file-level restore (specifically, support for disks without any partition table)
  • Migrates ALL Q-Hybrid and Physical components off Quadric legacy codebases, improving code robustness going forward
  • Migrates ALL ABD components off Quadric legacy codebases, improving code robustness going forward

UI Fixes

  • Introduces Startup Loading/Splash Screen   
  • Resolves missing GFS Profile editor button in settings      
  • Fixes issue where UI Percentages can go out of bounds      
  • Adds A3 name in UI and emails      
  • Stops backup delete action from showing UI "crash"   
  • Now displays VM powerstate as blue if it is not knowable
  • Now sorts vault history page by latest first, rather than oldest
  • Xen Pool Management and ABD interface improvements
  • Various CSS fixes

Bug Fixes and Stabilizations

  • Corrects host A3 issue where ODS doesn't mount correctly on A3 after reboot
  • Resolves out-of-order VM job processing issue
  • Fixes issue where physical systems can't be relicensed if licensing is removed or lost
  • Fixes UI crash on the schedules page when a deleted host is present in a job
  • Resolves race condition where scheduled jobs could start before docker is fully ready      
  • If A3 services must stop for a serious issue, A3 UI will now also shut down to prevent user confusion
  • Resolves a condition where after a backup failure, the A3 would nevertheless attempt to commit the backup to storage      
  • Newly added hosts now automatically enumerate   
  • Clarification on rebuild notices (jads.status)
  • Improved instaboot error handling and reporting
  • Resolves issue where large webserver responses overrun nginx's buffers, causing WebUI to fail

Xen-Specific Fixes

  • Resolves bug where ABD provision did not check if a template was deployed, causing misleading errors
  • Fixes issue in ABD DHCP assignment, that mistakenly had a limit on number of leases
  • Now correctly halt on ABD provision failure   
  • A new background task now cleans up instaboot area automatically
  • Instaboot area permissions are corrected to avoid spurious Xen errors
  • Prevents enumeration from aborting prematurely if any Xen host is unreachable


  • Enables log rotation on A3 logging assets
  • Prevents web UI from crashing when attempting to load very large log files
  • Cleanup of spurious errors from ws_error log

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve