Caught Error: (ABD Results) Error: In Process

Problem: Your Xen backup fails with the message "Caught Error: (ABD Results) Error: In Process"

Solution: Increase RAM on ABD templates

Starting in release A3 7.1 build 9167, backing up multidrive systems with the ABD method can require more RAM. This change allows your backups to run faster in most cases. But if your job is failing with this message:

The solution is to increase RAM. Find the template in XenCenter. The templates are named

A3 ABD Template_XXXX where XXXX is part of the GUID of your A3. Click on the "Memory" tab, click "Edit", and then increase from 256MB, which is factory, to 1GB.

After doing so, find running ABDs on your environment by viewing hidden objects. They will be named "ABD XYZ" where XY is a number. When no jobs are running, power these VMs off and delete them. Do not delete the template itself!

After doing so, re-run affected jobs. If you have ten or more disks on the machine you are attempting to protect, it may be necessary to increase RAM beyond 1GB.