UEFI system does not boot correctly

Problem: You are restoring a UEFI boot machine that does not support BIOS boot. It does not boot in Xen.

Solution: Ensure you are running A3 release 9235 or later. Then, select the appropriate Xen template for your VM during the restore.

Alternative: Export the VHDs for the VM from the A3 File Browser and import them into Xen. Make a new VM and attach them to it.

UEFI technology is increasingly common on Microsoft operating systems, and starting in Xen 8.0, is supported by the hypervisor. In order to use UEFI boot, you must have the appropriate template associated with your VM. If the default "other template config" template is used, your machine likely not boot without intervention.

If you cannot upgrade to a newer A3 release, you can create a new VM in Xen, and then import the appropriate VHD files into Xen using the A3 File Browser.