CBT Replication on CH/XCP-ng 8.1

Due to a change in the XVA format, it is not possible to import XVA files from either Citrix Hypervisor 8.1+ or XCP-ng 8.1+ to older hypervisor versions (8.0 and lower). These changes are detailed in the release notes (Citrix Hypervisor 8.1, XCP-ng 8.1).

What this means to Alike is that CBT based replication jobs are not possible when coming from a newer 8.1 hypervisor going to an older hypervisor. Typically the error message you would encounter in a job will look something like this:

Failed to import XVA: IMPORT_ERROR: INTERNAL_ERROR: [ Stream_vdi.Failure("Expected to find an inline checksum, found file called: Ref:6/00000000.xxhash") ]

Because of this platform change, the only available work-arounds are:

  1. Upgrade the target host/pool to at least 8.1
  2. Switch to Enhanced Replication, if possible