Alike 4 End-of-life

A2 of January 1, 2021, Alike 4 has reached its end-of-life, and support for it is no longer available.

We strongly recommend replacing it with the A2 (Alike v6). The license upgrade is free for those under an active maintenance contract.

If your software maintenance has recently expired, you can renew it in our Customer Portal immediately using a credit card.

If your software maintenance has been expired for 6 months or longer, please contact our sales team, who can help you get your license keys back under maintenance.

If your old Alike v4 license keys are under active maintenance, you can upgrade them at anytime from our Customer Portal.

For details about the A2, please see these helpful guides:

For more information about trial keys, please see this KB:

For other licensing question, please see this KB: