Enable Component-Level backup in Q-Hybrid

Q-Hybrid backups have an option to call back VSS components, which can enable log rotation/truncation and other quiesced functions, where available.

This is particularly useful for Exchange and SQL Servers.

To enable component-level VSS backup for a machine:

Simply create an empty file named "vss.conf" in the QSI subfolder of the Windows directory. On most machines, the file to create is:


To stop component-level VSS on this machine:

Simply delete the vss.conf file on the target machine. This will revert your Q-Hybrid jobs back to using the standard VSS snapshot approach.

The presence of the vss.conf file will instruct the Q-Hybrid backup agent to trigger the registered vss agents and set the 'backup' bit as complete (if the backup is successful). This enables the configured log rotation or truncation polices to process after the Alike backup is done.