Grow local ADS volume

If you have a locally attached datastore (ADS or ODS), and grow the underlying storage, you must perform the following steps in order for Alike to see/use the extra space.

In this example, we will be using the disk/device: /dev/xvdb1 for the first partition on the second disk on a XenServer based VM. Substitute xvdb1 for your disk device and partition as needed.

(From the A2 Console Menu)

  1. Stop Alike Services (option 3)
  2. Drop to the Command Prompt (Option 4)
  3. Run the command: sudo privTool resizepart /dev/xvdb 1
  4. Confirm that the new space is available by running: df /dev/xvdb1
  5. Re-enter the console menu by running: menu
  6. Start the Alike services again (option 3)