Enable access to admin shares in a Workgroup

Alike Q-Hybrid, Physical, and Hyper-v support all require access to your Windows "administrative" share (admin$) to perform their work. This access is provided by the credentials you enter for either your Host server, or Credential Profile accounts.

However, thanks to some changes in default UAC policies, in some cases you must also enable non-domain access to your admin shares, from the target system itself. Specifically, if your Hyper-V server, or Q-Hybrid target Windows system will only be affected if it is in a workgroup.

So if you are unable to connect to a Windows host in a Workgroup, and receive the following error: WMI 'access is denied', then the following registry edit should help. To disable this new UAC restriction make the following charge in the registry on the affected Workgroup system:



This, followed by a reboot, will allow access to the admin$ and (drive)$ shares on the target system and will also allow Q-Hybrid jobs to function.

More information about the Administrative Share Restrictions can be found here:


Affects: Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, Windows 10