Setting up an offline A3 subscription

Problem: You need to run an A3 with no access to the Internet

Solution: Setup your A3 with offline licensing and authentication


Offline licensing files can only be provided by Quadric staff. Please email, or your sales rep for assistance.

Typically, Alike and the A3 require access to the internet to perform various functions. However, if your A3 must be deployed in an environment with no access to the Internet, you can follow these steps to apply your subscription licensing to your offline A3.

Overview of steps:

  1. Request an offline subscription licensing file from your Quadric rep.
  2. Ensure your Alike Docker instance is stopped (from the A3 console or via Docker)
  3. Place the provided licensing file in the root of your ADS
  4. Ensure the file is named: a3.lic.enc
  5. Add your offline authentication credentials to the "a3.local.auth" file, also in the root of the ADS. (See KB for details)
  6. Start Alike container, and login to the Web UI with the credentials you provided in step #5

Limitations and Requirements

  • Required A3 build: 9189 or higher
  • Offline licensing is only available for annual subscriptions (Monthly and Per-VM plans do not qualify)
  • A new licensing file must be obtained upon term renewal
  • Alike software updates still require internet access to download and apply.
  • Initial ADS registration requires 1-time internet access (required to allocate licensing files)