A3 Release Notes 7.0 build 9029

Alike v7.0.0 build 9029

Released: 2/6/20/2023

Please Note

  • This is a major bugfix release. All users are recommended to upgrade to it
  • A new agent is required to use Q-Hybrid. You must reinstall the agent on all Windows machines you protect with Q-Hybrid. Download the new agent from https://www.quadricsoftware.com/download/qsbagent.exe
  • A reboot of your A3 host is required after update. Rebooting will ensure FLR fixes go into effect


  • Q-Hybrid improvements increase the A3's ability to access and protect Windows systems at the OS level
  • Q-Hybrid changes eliminates the need for CIFS access, and work better with OS-level antivirus


  • Adds support of emergency authentication for offline access to your A3
  • The Alike SR now replugs to hosts on A3 startup
  • Various ABD management operations, such as deployment and testing, are faster and more robust
  • Addresses bug with instant restore that could cause machines to restore with the confusing name "_instaboot" if the backup was made with Q-Hybrid
  • Xen XAPI timeout has been increased to account for long-running XAPI operations, such as disk + memory snapshots
  • Address issue with FLR (File-level restore) where kernel resources could leak during Docker service start/stop, causing FLR not to function again until a reboot
  • Fixes longstanding cosmetic issue (also present in the A2) where the "Backup History" screen of the Alike UI incorrectly reports the size of some disks

Known Issues

  • Instant Boot sandbox mode behaves inconsistently
  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve
  • Customers have reported issues against Hyper-V and Q-Hybrid Replicate. These issues are under active investigation.