A3 Release Notes 7.0 build 9091b

Alike v7.0.0 build 9091b

Released: 3/23/2023

Please Note

  • This is a critical fix build. It contains an urgent fix for instant restore.
  • Please see release notes for 9029 for more information on recent major changes if you're upgrading from a build prior to 9029.


  • Resolves issue with VMs created via Instant Restore that are running on the Alike SR. Such VMs could be purged by user action or automated Alike purge from jobs. Purging a running VM causes the restored VM and its data to be lost.

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve
  • Customers have reported issues against Hyper-V and Q-Hybrid Replicate. These issues are under active investigation.