A3 Release Notes 7.1 build 9198

Alike v7.1.1 build 9198

Released: 6/7/2023

This is a minor release. All users are encouraged to update.

Please Note

  • If upgrading from <9167, please read these release notes here
  • After upgrade, your CBT jobs will require a one-time rebaseline. See release "Bug Fixes" below for more information.

New Features

  • Adds File Browser area to Alike WebUI, making it faster and more convenient to recover individual files and disks that are protected by Alike

Bug Fixes

  • The A3 host now prevents Xen migrate, motion, and snapshot operations on itself. This protects the Alike_SR from becoming unresponsive. If you need to migrate the A3 to a new host, please power it off.
  • Fixes problem in NVRAM capture to better support EUFI systems on Xen
  • Corrects issue with CBT backup where a restart of the A3 container would lose CBT state
  • Solves issue with commas in Xen XAPI passwords.
  • Corrects issue with Hyper-V restore where gen2 VMs could be restored as gen1 VMs
  • Addresses EOF handling in restoreFS that could cause VHDX files not to be fully received via SCP
  • Resolves "alike" user password change issues for container, including SMB, SSH, and SCP
  • Various error handling improvements and stabilizations following A3 7.1.0 9167
  • Fixes missing assets in downloadable support.tar

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve