A3 Release Notes 7.1 build 9206

Alike v7.1.1 build 9206

Released: 6/27/2023

This is a minor release. All users are encouraged to update.

Please Note

  • If upgrading from <9167, please read these release notes here


  • The Alike VM start and stop menu choices display log output, making it easier to understand startup and stop progress
  • The Alike VM can now display logs via the console menu in realtime

Bug Fixes

  • Upon startup, the A3 will check for conflicting Alike_SRs in your Xen environment and remove them
  • The A3 automatically repairs and resolves more issues with Alike_SR plugging and replugging
  • Non-xen hosts are no longer erroneously granted network to the Alike_SR NFS service
  • Resolves issue with backup of Xen disks with reserved characters in their name

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve