A3 System Drive Full

Problem: You receive the message "No free space on local A3 (root) partition. Only 0 bytes available. STOPPING SERVICES to prevent damage." or similar

Solution: Determine what is consuming the space and expand space accordingly

Typically, most data associated with your A3 is stored on your ADS (Alike Data Store). Some data, however, is stored locally on your A3 system disk. These include some caches of deduplication state as well instaboot (instant restore) data. These areas are defined in the docker-compose.yml file and described in detail in the Admin Guide.

To determine if your instant restore area is consuming a lot of space, you can log into the A3 console, drop to shell, and type

sudo du -hs /var/lib/docker/volumes/alike_instaboot/_data

To check the space consumption for deduplication state cache, type

sudo du -hs /var/lib/docker/volumes/alike_cache-dbs/_data

Overall, you can see the space left on your A3 disks with the "df" command:

sudo df -h

If you wish to expand your A3 disk, follow this KB:


If instead you wish to make a dedicated disk for your instaboot area, follow this KB: