A3 Release Notes 7.1 build 9212

Alike v7.1.1 build 9212

Released: 8/16/2023

This is a minor release. All users are encouraged to update.

Please Note

  • If upgrading from <9167, please read these release notes here


  • Improves drive exclusion handling for Q-Hybrid backups, making the exclusions.conf file apply more consistently and accurately

Bug Fixes

  • Clarifies common Xen errors so root-causes can be better understood
  • Fixes issue where dashboard graph data could be partial or missing
  • Resolves issue where selecting "boot VM" on a restore job has no effect

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve
  • Some Q-Hybrid/Hyper-v backups can receive the error: AddToSnapshotSet failed for drive -t with result: -2147212536 VSS encountered an Object not found errror (80042308)