A3 Release Notes 7.1 build 9235

Alike v7.1.1 build 9235

Released: 9/11/2023

This is a stabilization release. All users are encouraged to update.

Please Note

  • If upgrading from <9167, please read these release notes here


  • You can now choose which Xen template will be used by your restored or replicated VM. Since Xen templates vary by Xen release, the ability to select the best template for your VM can help ensure it has optimal hypervisor features and drivers. For more information on UEFI boot and Xen templates, please see this article.
  • Adds robustness to the A3 Alike ADS by replicating critical structures to various secondary storage systems, improving the chance of restoring your ADS even after it's been compromised or damaged

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves bug introduced in 9212 where the error AddToSnapshotSet failed for drive -t with result: -2147212536 VSS encountered an Object not found errror (80042308) occurred randomly during Q-Hybrid jobs
  • Prevents rare restore failures caused by Xen (attempting to coalesce Alike VDIs. This is prevented by introducing a read-only node in all Alike "instaboot" (restore) VDI chains
  • Eliminates redundant and confusing "inner" menu from A3 container

Known Issues

  • Users upgrading from A2/v6 may experience browser session issues during initial setup that require login/logout to resolve