Alike v6/A2 Documentation

Welcome to the Alike documentation

Settings and Options


Backup Settings

Backups per-VM: By default, Alike will retain the number of backups specified here. These values can be overridden on an individual basis in the VM's settings.

Backups per-VM (Offsite): Same as above, except for offsite versions retained.

Pended Job Timout: Length of time in minutes before a pended job will fail. Jobs will pend when another instance of the job is already running.

GFS Profiles: Define advanced backup retention profiles here. These can be applied to a backup job to enforce GFS (ie. daily, weekly, monthly, etc) backup retention settings. See advanced topics for more information on GFS.

Credential Profiles: Define authentication profiles for access to Windows systems. A profile can be shared for any system to authenticate to a domain, workgroup, or standalone system. AuthProfiles are used for Q-Hybrid jobs, and for Physical systems.

Logging Settings

Logging level: Changes the logging level used by Alike log files. More details can be found here.

Trace level messages: Shows detailed diagnostics in your Alike Job Logs. More details can be found here.

Email Settings

* Enable Email
* SMTP Settings
* Send System Notifications
* Send Weekly Summary

Network Settings

* TCP Replication port
* Disable TCP Offloading

* Proxy -- defunct

Advanced settings

Loose Dedup: Enabling will attempt to improve initial data acquisition times by using similar VMs as a guide.

Read Only: Places Alike in read-only mode, where only restores can be run and all other jobs are disabled.

Force ABD to start on source host: Instead of starting the Alike ABD on the pool master, always start the ABD on the most recently seen host of the target VM.

Enable data revalidation by Data Engine: Rehhecks cryptographic integrity of block data during all backend operations.

Enable data revalidation by all components: Rechecks cryptographic integrity of blocks during data acquisition AND all backend operations.

**Post backup data check level: Check data after backups for storage problems. tuning

FUSE worker thread count: ADVANCED USE ONLY. Please read tuning section for more information.

Delete thread count: Customize the number of threads used to delete dereferenced blocks. See also tuning

Maintenance frequency: Increase this number to make journal maintenance and block purge less frequent. See also tuning.

Custom name for Hyper-v work path:

Enable Persistent ABDs: This option, introduced in build 6.1, and enabled by default, will cause your ABDs not to be torn down between backup job runs and instead stay up and running until the A2 is restarted. If you wish to remove ABDs after every backup, uncheck this box. See also tuning.