Alike A3/V7 Documentation

A3 Licensing for Existing A2 Customers

Customers who have purchased licensing keys for the A2 product may be eligible for complementary A3 subscriptions at no charge. This offer for existing customers is time-limited.

Benefits of the A3

While A2 customers are not obligated to create complimentary A3 keys, deploying the A3 today has many benefits.

A3 Benefits
Deploying the A3 ensures your environment receives the best protection available, such as instant restore, enhanced security, and a faster, flexible deployment architecture.

The A3 offers support for 8.2 CU1 and for agent-based Windows backup. It also offers instant restore to Xen and a powerful new Docker-based deployment architecture that is more scalable, flexible, and powerful. Deploying the A3 keeps you up-to-date on the latest features and benefits in the virtual backup space and ensures your environment is getting the best protection available.

A New Way to License Alike

The A2 product family utilizes a hybrid licensing model, with permanent license keys, and support and maintenance offered on a yearly basis.

The A3 simplifies and unifies the licensing model so all components fall under a single subscription, and discontinues the concept of license keys.

Qualified existing A2 customers can create a new A3 subscription at no cost for a limited time. The duration of this subscription is based on the amount of maintenace remaining on your A2 keys.

No Change of A2 Access or Support

Because Quadric Software honors your existing maintenance contract, you can opt to use any mix of the A2 or A3 products to meet your needs. In other words, customers with A2 keys can extend their maintenance via an A3 subscription, and use this support for both products interchangably.

You can even deploy an A3 while keeping your A2 and use both at the same time! Because A3 keys are complementary at this time for qualified existing customers, you can effectively double your ability to back up Xen, Hyper-V, and Physical environments. You can mix-and-match A2 and A3 deployments in any way that works for you.

How Does the Process Work?

Existing customers can log into the Quadric Customer Portal. This will show you all your A2 licenses and you maintenance remaining. This special offer will generate you A3 keys based on your maintenance remaining, so the sooner you act, the longer your A3 subscription will be.

If you have more than one A2 key in your account, and these keys have different maintenance durations remaining, the A3 subscription you are granted will be based on the socket-days of all your keys combined. A socket-day represents a single day of maintenance for a single socket.

Eg. 1 socket with 1 year of maintenance is 365 socket days

Socket-Day Example
If you have two license keys, each for five sockets, but one has two years remaining and the other has only one year remaining, that totals out to 1.5 years remaining at 10 sockets. So you will be granted a 10-socket complimentary subscription that ends after 1.5 years.
(5 x 730 socket days) + (5 x 365 socket days) = 5475 socket days. 5475 / 10 sockets = 548 days (1.5 years)
Socket-Day Second Example
An account with two keys, one for 1 socket with six months maintenance remaining (182 socket days) and one for 2 sockets with one year maintenance remaining (2x365 = 730 socket days). All together, the keys total 912 socket-days. Then, the total socket-days divided by 3 sockets = 304 calendar days, which would then be converted to your A3 subscription.
(1 x 182 socket days) + (2 x 365 socket days) = 730 socket days. 912 / 3 sockets = 304 days

Acquire and Extend your A3 Subscription at a Discount

You can create an A3 subscription from your A2 keys that are under active maintenance at no cost. If you wish to extend the duration of your A3 subscription, now is a great opportunity to lock in deep discounts on A3 subscriptions based on your A2 maintenance prices. For a limited time, you can extend your subscription at existing maintenance price for an additional one, two, or three years.

Lock In Best Prices Today
These prices are only available for existing customers and only available for a limited time.

Extending your A3 subscription will also extend your A2 maintenance support until the A2 product reaches end-of-life.